• Prototype and production quantities
  • Fully sealed harnesses
  • Electro mechanical assemblies
  • Dedicated controlled manufacturing section
  • Electrically tested for shorts, continuity and insulation breakdown

We recognise the importance of quality and control throughout our business but especially so when dealing with projects destined for military use. For these reasons we have set up a dedicated production team and isolated production area.

Naturally this team needs to be in constant contact with stores, quality and customer support team so we chose to house them in the main Boston UK facility rather that off site or out of the Country.

Each unit is individually inspected using Industry proven Cirris test equipment. These units will inspect each circuit for connectivity, shorts and insulation breakdown were appropriate; only then will a 100% pass certificate be issued.

We currently have many live military vehicle projects but always have the time, experience and manpower to accommodate your needs. Please contact Nick Croston or Ashley Dakin to discuss your project further.