Battery & power leads

Parkinson Harness Technology is the UK’s leading heavy-duty battery and power lead manufacturer.

We supply for applications including 6, 12 and 24v automotive systems, hybrid vehicles, generator sets, UPS Battery packs and other industrial users.

Our UK production facility is capable of making a wide variety of battery leads from 10mm-150mm2 with standard ring terminals, clamps or ferrules to more complex fittings for specific applications.

Standard automotive or high temperature cross linked cables are available, combined with conduit, heat insulated or braid sleeve offering our customers freedom of choice during design.

Quality is assured by employing strict die rotation, adhering to ISO9001:2008 procedures and a daily pull test using the very latest Mecmesin Multitest equipment. We ensure that all crimps are capable of meeting the standard set out in BS 5G 178.

Further information and a competitive quote can be obtained from a knowledgeable member of our customer support team on: